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No Man's Sky: Frigate Calc

No Man's Sky: Frigate Calc


No Man's Sky is the game where the player explores a procedurally generated universe.

To be able to travel far, you need finances and resources. You can own a fleet of frigates to perform stand-alone missions in distant systems, thus obtaining finance and rare resources. You simply rent the frigates you meet in space. However, frigates have specific statistics that determine the cost of the expedition or the chance of obtaining resources.

Clever players have come up with a method of calculating the profitability of a given unit. It is quite simple and you can calculate it in your mind, but to minimize the risk of making a mistake, it is better to use a calculator. I found spreadsheets prepared for these calculations, but not a single interactive calculator that could be run on a smartphone for ease of use. That's why I created this calculator.