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Docker: DEV

An image gander/dev containing PHP and Apache configured to run the development environment immediately. It has the most popular extensions and xdebug, composer, phpunit installed. Available versions from 5.6 to the latest 8.x. Read more...

NMS Frigate Calc

A calculator to check the profitability of buying a frigate ship in No Man's Sky game. Use it!



I was looking for a better solution to store my website content. Originally, I assumed it would be Decap CMS, but due to the lack of Cloudflare login support, I opted for VitePress. I moved my archived pages to it. The archived version of the website is available at I still have a lot of tidying up to do.


I've archived the content of my Bolt-powered site into completely static HTML files and placed them in this repository. I was afraid that due to not updating the code for a long time (too many changes), someone would break into the site and turn it into a source of spam or worse.