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Sentry: Install, Backup and Re-Install


According to the official documentation, the minimum requirements for Sentry 24.x are 2 CPU cores / 4 GB RAM.

My tests show that Sentry 24.x runs on the following Hetzner VPS configurations:

ProviderServerCPU coresRAMSWAP
HetznerCPX2134 GB7+ GB
HetznerCX3128 GB3+ GB
HetznerCPX41416 GB
ContaboVPS 146 GB5+ GB

Additional requirements are Docker Engine and optionally reverse proxy.

Before re-install

Backup config files

  • sentry/config.yml
  • sentry/
  • sentry/
  • geoip/GeoIP.conf
  • .env.custom

Backup settings

e.g. to file sentry/backup.json by following command:

./ export global /etc/sentry/backup.json

You may not have permission to create this file, then you can create it yourself and grant write permissions.

Docs: Backup & Restore

Before install

Follow the official installation documentation, but before running make sure you have the following files in the correct places:

Important config files

  • sentry/config.yml configured from sentry/config.example.yml.
  • sentry/ configured from sentry/

When restoring settings

  • sentry/backup.json if you want to restore the Sentry Configuration from backup.

Additional config files

  • sentry/ configured from sentry/
  • geoip/GeoIP.conf configured from documentation.

After install

If you want to restore the Sentry Configuration, answer the following question with n and follow the steps below:

Would you like to create a user account now? [Y/n]: n
./ import global /etc/sentry/backup.json
Proceeding with this operation will irrecoverably delete all existing
low-volume data - are you sure want to continue? [y/n]: y

Starting up

docker compose up -d

Side Notes


Set env variable in file /etc/environment:


To avoid reporting error and performance data for your Sentry instance.